Ikiré Jones F/W 2014

There really isn’t a word or term that appropriately conveys the meaning of what Wale is doing right now. Brilliance comes close though. 

Friday night: twice baked, five cheese, chicken, sausage, Cajun Mac. (at Mercantile Place)
10.17.14 /22:47
Maybe food is more appetizing in color. (at Mercantile Place)
10.13.14 /22:46
Whoever came up with the idea of stuffed bell peppers was a genius. (at Mercantile Place)
10.13.14 /22:35
10.08.14 /19:27
10.07.14 /14:17/ 25342
10.06.14 /23:02/ 119
Last concert before Ebola takes me out. (at Granada Theater)
09.30.14 /21:27/ 1
Last meal before Ebola epidemic hits. (at CRUSHCRAFT THAI STREET EATS)
09.30.14 /20:24
So Fresh, So Clean
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